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Workflow and Automation

Discover how workflow and automation software can create “robots” that automatically complete tasks and free up your staff for creative work.

What are workflow and automation?

workflow and automationWorkflow and automation have been helping companies for years. These days robotic process automation (RPA) and business process automation (BPA) are popular buzzwords. They both boil down to the same thing—using computers and software to perform simple or complex business tasks automatically. Not all processes can be completely automated, but even partial automation can provide benefits. Well-run businesses get things done by following defined processes. Your business will perform even better with workflow and automation solutions in place to complete these processes.

How can workflow and automation help me?

Workflow and automation systems have many benefits. They can reduce or eliminate human error. They tirelessly perform tasks, exactly the way you specify, day after day. Dashboards and automated notifications improve communications and make the status of various tasks visible at a glance. Gone are the days of stalled workflows, with papers hiding in a pile on someone’s desk.  Workflow and automation increase productivity and can be scaled up easily to meet demand. Automated workflows can also reduce the growing pains brought on by mergers and acquisitions. M&A activities usually result in systems from different vendors that now need to work in harmony. Valuable time is wasted if employees need to perform redundant data entry tasks to keep all the systems up to date. Author and HBR contributor Greg Satell stated, “Humanity is becoming the scarce resource.” Innovating your business models by creating automating workflows frees up your people to do the work computers cannot, such as building relationships with clients. How can data from disparate systems be consolidated? How can applications be migrated to new systems? What is the best process for retiring applications? We have answers to these common organizational questions. The Eureka iTech team has accumulated over 30 years of experience building workflow solutions for organizations in many industries. With our Value Discovery Workshop, we will perform an in-depth analysis of your processes and design automated workflows customized to fit your needs. Contact us today for your free consultation.

Success stories for workflow and automation

Numerous products can be used for workflow and robotic process automation. Eureka iTech staff used Lotus Notes and Domino for many years. One of the great strengths of Notes is its ability to integrate with many different systems. Microsoft Flow shares that strength, and with each update the list of connectors grows. Read how Flow is being used today at Microsoft and watch the video below for an overview of Flow’s features.

Introduction to Microsoft Flow

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Strengthen your sales team

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