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When I think of great customer support I think of Eureka. Jose and the team clearly have an ethos that helping in a meaningful and effective way is paramount. They would go out of their way to setup calls to not only show but teach me how to solve an issue. As a result we have a self-sufficient systems for the management of projects, equipment, purchase orders, faults and surveys. I’m in no doubt we will continue this relationship as our company grows. Thanks Eureka!

Robin Monaghan

Director, Anderson Acoustics

When our firm needed to modernize our Microsoft Access tax tracking system, we wanted a Microsoft cloud-based solution that was simple to use, intuitive, and flexible. The Eureka iTech team proposed a Microsoft Teams solution with a SharePoint backend. It worked as we wanted. I particularly want to thank Jose and Mark for their patience, quick grasp of our requirements, and persistence to get things done right.

John Watkins

VICE PRESIDENT, FINANCE, TriWest Capital Partners

As a growing construction trade contractor, we have tried countless approaches to standardize our operating processes… from accounting system add-ons to subscription-based construction management software to custom written applications. These solutions have always forced us to adapt our processes to serve pre-defined software instead of the technology serving our process. The result is that we invariably returned to old fashioned processes based on spreadsheets, accounting information and manual data collection from the field. We were fortunate to come across the team at Eureka iTech. Jose and Mark and their team have an impressive ability to quickly understand the business imperative and pre-existing processes and then bring a variety of technology tools to bear on enhancing these proprietary processes. It was clear from our very first project scope with Eureka that they will continue to be an important resource for us in modernizing, streamlining and growing our operations. They have been professional, disciplined and attentive and we look forward to a continuing relationship.

Brad Chorley

Director, Chorley Construction

As a new client of Eureka iTech, I was impressed by their delivery and their customer service. I first engaged them to help us do something about a time consuming and recurring task. The automation process they built for me worked as smooth as silk and integrated naturally into our environment. What previously took two hours takes only a few minutes now. I am especially thankful to Jose Zaldivar for his ability to listen to my requirements and his attention to detail. I would gladly recommend Eureka, especially if you find yourself saying, “There must be a better way to automate and integrate these tasks.”

Bill Piers

Business Development Manager, The Crossing Group

“I have worked with Jose Zaldivar and Mark Crosby since 2006. In order to ensure I could meet and exceed my client’s goals and expectations, I realized I was in need of a custom solution for tracking and executing our work. Jose and his team created a fully integrated database, workflow, cycle times, employee time tracking, invoice creation, custom email integration, MS Office integration, and client web portal. Additionally, they created a daily management matrix of projects, tasks, overdue tasks, and employee performance. This is an incredible quality system that addressed the particular details of our business. They are many working parts to our system, but the best feature is how they all work together as one unit. Their passion, commitment to excellence, and willingness to go above and beyond in ensuring the system worked and met our outcomes was truly amazing. They have incredible skills, but I would add just as importantly, they have great character and integrity. It has been my pleasure.”
Luke McLaren

Team Lead, The McLaren Real Estate Group

Prior to bringing Eureka iTech on board, our organization had a minimal web presence. Mark took our beautiful photos and content and skilfully weaved them together into a fabulous, user-friendly website that wonderfully highlights the good work our volunteers are doing. The functionality of the website Jose created is superb, and will greatly streamline our volunteer recruitment process. We couldn’t be happier with the end product!

Dr. Manjula Reddy

Family Dentist, Creekside Dental

“Jose and Mark from Eureka iTech did a great job helping us to set up a global CRM to assist with the monitoring and tracking of all our customers worldwide. The system integrated all our email, finance and sales software applications and allows us to monitor and track all interactions with our customers from the initial enquiry through course booking and delivery. They also integrated a portal into the system to allow us to push information to our instructors and engineers.

Several years later the system is working reliably and needs little maintenance to keep it working.”

Mark Dixon

Managing Director, ESD Simulation Training

Jose has the ability to make people feel comfortable with technology, regardless of its complexity, and the application of that technology in making business processes more efficient and effective. He is a strong communicator and is always willing to share his deep professional knowledge and experience, particularly in the ECM space, with others. I would highly recommend Jose as a business partner and support in the design, development and application of ECM tools and processes.
Mark Huizinga

Sr Advisor, Quality Assurance, TransCanada

“Mark has been hired by TransAlta multiple times and each time he has done a great job on the projects or assignments that were given to him. He has a great work ethic and deep programming skills. He knows his Lotus Stuff! I would work with Mark again if the need arose.”
Martin Mysyk

Senior Enterprise Architect, TransAlta

Jose is an excellent listener and takes the time to understand the problem before providing a solution. In doing so he sets himself apart from the common roadblocks that other IT solution providers struggle with. Listening and soliciting feedback enabled Jose to assist in various solutions for the Facility Integrity group and me personally. I felt Jose truly understood the needs and than put his skillset to work to providing an easier, simpler, faster, more efficient way of doing things.
Nadar Shahara

Chief Inspector, Pembina Pipeline Corporation

“Jose was making web applications back when some of you were still asking what the Internet was. The most important thing you need to know about him is that he knew how to make genuinely primitive technology do for our customers then what most people still struggle to make their brand new technology do for their customers now. He has a depth of knowledge that you’re never going to find in a recently-minted web-app developer. If that weren’t enough—and it is enough—Jose is also an absolute blast to work with. We’d all be better people if we each copied a little bit of Jose’s charm and studied his approach to people.”
Steve Tsuida

Graphic Designer, Videographer, Animator, Photographer, Product Designer

“Mark has been my colleague at Nexen for many years now, and it has always been a great pleasure working with him. He is very knowledgeable and always keen on learning something new. I always appreciate his willingness to spend the time to share his knowledge.”
Mina Gould

Team Lead, Nexen

I highly recommend Jose Zaldivar for any position. He is a team player and contributes with enthusiasm. Jose can take a concept, glean requirements through discussions, and turn it all into reality. While at Pembina, I relied on Jose’s skills as an IT analyst and programmer. Jose worked closely with me to solve problems or create new opportunities. One project that comes to mind involved creating a custom interface in Pembina’s Lotus Notes AFE system, which we could access with our GIS (Geographic Information System). The result was a GIS system which would spatially display where the company’s projects were located, and could display details about the projects, from the Lotus Notes AFE database. I always enjoyed working with Jose, because he has a great personality, and the patience to be a good listener.
Derek Fenty

Chief Draftsman (retired), Pembina Pipeline Corporation

Jose is an outstanding person and has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the field of technology. Together Jose and I developed a system that allowed online data analytics and reduced tedious manual work by 16 hours a month. I was able to provide a framework for what needed to be done and Jose utilized the power of technology to make it happen. He has such a grasp and understanding of how things should work and with his creativity and imagination he is able to get everything to work together and work well. Jose was always a pleasure to work with and always provided clarity and insight to any questions that came up along with being able to see and understand other peoples points of view. I look forward to the day where Jose and I can work on a project once again.
Greg McLeod

Supervisor, Engineering Standards and Process Safety, Pembina Pipeline Corporation

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