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Our mission at Eureka iTech is to help organizations meet or exceed their goals by leveraging digital technologies. We will use this forum to bring value to our readers. We hope the articles you find here will inform and inspire you. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions that you would like us to answer here.

Integrating SiteDocs data Into SharePoint

Integrating SiteDocs Data Into SharePoint

Introduction SiteDocs is used by thousands of customers worldwide. If you don’t know, it is a mobile-friendly, off-line capable app that allows users to complete and submit forms. Clients frequently use SiteDocs for on-site inspections and activities. Creating custom...

The Benefits of iGlobe CRM

The iGlobe CRM SharePoint Online App extends the capabilities of Office 365. With Outlook, Office and Teams add-ins combined with a seamless integration to Planner, Groups and SharePoint Online, iGlobe is a true Office 365 App. Work across teams and access e-mail,...

iGlobe CRM for Office 365

iGlobe CRM for Office 365

Discover iGlobe CRM for Office 365, the award-winning SharePoint application that installs once online and integrates with Microsoft Office 365. It can eliminate the pain of lost opportunities. It is an amazing value you can afford to give to everyone in your organization.

How to build a NonProfit Website

How to build a Nonprofit Website

Companies that build truly awesome websites know all too well that building a fantastic website is not a monkey’s job. It takes a lot of thought, design, imagination, integration and great ideas to make it right. The Dentistry for All (DFA) website is an example of a well-designed site that Eureka iTech built in the last quarter of 2018.  

Strengthen your sales team
with productivity solutions from iGlobe and Ant Text.

Strengthen your sales team

with productivity solutions from iGlobe and Ant Text.

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