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What is iGlobe CRM for Office 365?

The award-winning iGlobe CRM is a SharePoint application that integrates with Microsoft’s Office 365 (O365) suite. The iGlobe CRM application can be downloaded and installed directly from the Microsoft AppSource. It leverages all the power of SharePoint’s many features, with an out-the-box dashboard interface that is easy to use. The app comes with an O365 add-in for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel that makes adding content to the CRM a seamless and easy process.

iGlobe is a preferred SharePoint Business Application Charter Partner, one of only a few dozen worldwide

The CRM does not require additional software to be installed on desktops and can be managed entirely by the business users. Because the installation is done on your O365, the features are available in Outlook on your desktop, the mobile Outlook app, and Outlook online. Adding additional customizations, such as creating new lists and items, is as simple as extending SharePoint functionality. No code needs to be updated.

The iGlobe CRM functionality integrates with other Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Teams.  Additionally, the CRM uses standard SharePoint document libraries that allow users to work offline via Microsoft OneDrive.  

You can learn more about the iGlobe family of products on our partners page and iGlobe’s websites and social media pages:  www.iglobecrm.com | www.cityofaddin.com/ | www.facebook.com/iglobecrm/  | www.linkedin.com/company/iglobe-aps

Why bother writing about another CRM?

Yes, I was wondering about that too! There are hundreds of CRMs already, why this one? Well, if you are happy with your CRM or you are not using Office 365, you may just stop reading this blog. This CRM is only for companies on Office 365 for Business or Enterprise. When we were looking for a CRM for our company, we wanted something EASY to use and bolted right onto our Outlook client so adding contacts and updating tasks was a one-step process. We tried Microsoft Dynamics 365, but for a small team it did not make much sense. The time required to install, configure and learn how to use it was more than we could afford.

After a careful search we found iGlobe CRM for Office 365. It was the only one on the market that took the pain out of getting a CRM. We trusted it so much so that our company became the partner of iGlobe family of products in Canada. We think this CRM has something unique to offer for small teams that want to better coordinate their sales efforts. Because it also leverages Microsoft Planner and OneDrive, it allows us to keep our data protected safely by Microsoft’s world class security. On top of that, iGlobe Add-ins have been built so well that they have won two awards at Microsoft Ignite 2019.

iGlobe CRM introductory video

What is iGlobe CRM for Office 365’s Business Value?

The iGlobe CRM for Office 365 application brings a great deal of value to organizations in the following areas:

  • Ease of use. Users adopt iGlobe CRM without much training. It uses the O365 security model, so there is no need to provide another login.
  • No code. The CRM can be adapted with little effort since no scripting is required.
  • Cloud-based. Because it is hosted on SharePoint Online, it can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Extensibility. The CRM can be extended to access other data points in the organization.
  • Quick ROI. Because it is easy to deploy, there is not much investment required to launch it.
  • Supportability. The CRM uses standard SharePoint functionality. IT administrators can maintain the iGlobe CRM with ease.

What features does iGlobe CRM for Office 365 include?

The following are the core features. Because it is a native O365 app, it uses the existing tenant infrastructure and functionality of O365.

Microsoft Outlook Integration With the Microsoft CRM add-in in Outlook (desktop, web, or mobile), users can add/update contacts, companies, notes, meeting notes, and sales opportunities without leaving Outlook.
SharePoint Integration

iGlobe CRM is an app that runs on your SharePoint. Therefore, it leverages the existing infrastructure, security and accessibility as any other SharePoint solution.

Data Privacy and Security Data is saved on the customer tenant and is secured by Microsoft Office 365 security model. Neither iGlobe nor any other third parties have access to the CRM data. Data is backed up by Microsoft as a part of the agreement clients have with their Office 365 subscription.
iGlobe Power Productivity Package

Licenses to use iGlobe’s award winning Planner Pro and MIPA (My Intelligent Personal Assistant) for both Outlook and Teams are Included in the license for iGlobe CRM Offce 365!

A CRM license also includes:

  • Office2SharePoint
  • iGlobe CRM Outlook Add-in
  • iGlobe CRM Mobile PowerApp
Reporting iGlobe CRM has many built-in reports that administrators can customize. Data can be exported to Excel as needed.
Microsoft Power BI integration iGlobe CRM comes with a default set of Microsoft Power BI reports that users can access. These reports can be extended as needed to accommodate various business needs.
Opportunity Management iGlobe CRM has an opportunity management module that may be enabled as required to track potential sales and monitor the sales pipeline. See Appendix A for details.
Follow up Reminders iGlobe CRM includes modules that help sales staff to manage follow-up reminders and notes.  A follow-up note can be created directly from Outlook.
Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner iGlobe CRM integrates with the Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Teams to facilitate internal communication and collaboration to meet deadlines.
Simple Security Model iGlobe CRM only has two access levels, admin and standard user. Admins can update backend lists while users can update every entity within the CRM.
Version Control Because it uses Microsoft SharePoint, every update made to contacts and documents is registered via the standard version control process. This includes the ability to restore data.
Enterprise Search and Metadata There are no additional repository requirements needed. iGlobe CRM uses the native OneDrive features, so content is never stored outside of the enterprise content repository. For companies using Enterprise Metadata document, tagging is supported natively.
Extensibility via Microsoft Flow and PowerApps If the CRM requires integration with other systems (i.e. ERPs), Microsoft Flow and PowerApps can be used to connect the CRM with hundreds of sources.

How much does it cost?

At a cost per user of only USD$29 per month, iGlobe CRM is one of the most competitively priced CRMs on the market. This is because it leverages the existing SharePoint infrastructure of your O365 tenant.

The first month is free for up to five users so companies can evaluate it at no risk or cost.  The installation of the CRM out-of-the-box is free of charge, but it needs to be done using an account with admin privileges to function correctly.

Microsoft Power BI is used for reporting on iGlobe CRM data. A Microsoft Power BI license is required to modify or create new Power BI . A sample Power BI reporting out-of-the-box can be accessed following this link https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-showcase/iglobe-iglobe-crm-office-365/

Is there any training provided?

Documentation for iGlobe CRM is available here:

What are the known limitations?

The following are known limitations.

  1. Contacts added in a CRM may only be linked via a primary email address. It is not possible to have two or more email addresses associated with the same contact.
  2. The CRM Outlook add-in cannot be customized. Users may add new fields to contacts, companies, notes, reports, and opportunities.
  3. The CRM is bound by the SharePoint Online limitations and connectivity performance. There are cases when Microsoft SharePoint Online is slow. This is not an issue with the CRM but rather with Microsoft cloud services.
  4. The iGlobe CRM Mobile PowerApp is currently limited to 3,000 companies and contacts.

iGlobe CRM Home Screen

iGlobe CRM Dashboard

iGlobe CRM Pipeline

iGlobe CRM New Opportunity

iGlobe CRM Contacts List

Strengthen your sales team
with productivity solutions from iGlobe and Ant Text.

Strengthen your sales team

with productivity solutions from iGlobe and Ant Text.

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