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Ant Text

Streamline your communication and create your branding identity with Ant Text one-click templates.

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Ant Text takes your emails to the next level

Insight Office‘s Ant Text is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that makes you more efficient. With it you can write your emails easier and faster. Use it to:

  • Ensure quality and consistency in your organization’s emails via shared templates
  • Add more value to your email signatures with top banners
  • Improve your company or personal brand
  • Create and send event notices and newsletters to targeted groups

Ant Text Awards

The Ant Team has been awarded Microsoft Silver certificates for:

  • ISV (Independent Software Vendors)
  • Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

Email Management

This is an email e-Sales and communication tool for companies that want to be more efficient, dynamic, and reduce branding errors throughout their company email.

Modern Workplace

The email templates are stored directly in your Microsoft Outlook and ready to use. Share your templates with one click to the rest of your organization and streamline your communication.

Professional Templates

Create top banners for your email  with pictures, links, videos etc. We believe that email branding starts from top and down. Build cohesion between the visual look and your company’s identity.

Calculate Your Savings

Try the Email Savings Calculator. It calculates how much money you can save every year by using email templates.

How can we help you?

Whether you’re looking to improve your efficiency with your existing Outlook setup or get started with it, we’re ready to help.

Strengthen your sales team
with productivity solutions from iGlobe and Ant Text.

Strengthen your sales team

with productivity solutions from iGlobe and Ant Text.

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